Sunday 12th February 2023

16th Fairway - Gulf Harbour Country Club


After much consultation with The Gulf Harbour Country Club Greenkeepers, The Bands, Sponsors, The Upstairs Bar Management, Gulf Harbour School, and the Contractors / Suppliers, we have made the decision to POSTPONE this Sunday’s concert. (20 November 2022)
Also in the consultation process we looked at the 27th November (next week) as the postponement date, but the weather is also not looking favourable for the rest of next week / week end and in the interest of wanting to give everyone an enjoyable experience we have postponed the concert to Sunday 12th February 2023. (just 12 weeks away) when hopefully the weather will be much better, the grass will be drier for you to sit on, the course will not get damaged by the heavy vehicles, and the bands will be playing in the sunshine.
We have received full support from the bands as they too want to see you having a good time, and not huddled up under an umbrella.
So please accept our sincere apologies, but there is one thing we cannot control, and that’s the weather.
Many of us have worked very hard to put this concert together, and we are all gutted that it can’t go ahead on the original date, but we are exited that it will still go happen, albeit on a new date.
Tickets .. all allocated tickets carry over to the new date – 12th February 2023.

Featuring The Remnants of
and JT and the SAXMAN